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unofficial twrp 3.7.0 Root Galaxy S23 Plus SM-S916B


Download unofficial twrp 3.7.0 for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus SM-S916B:

twrp is a custom recovery software for Android devices that allows users to perform various tasks such as creating and restoring backups, flashing custom ROMs, installing software updates, and performing system maintenance.

TWRP provides a graphical interface that makes it easier for users to perform these tasks compared to the any other recovery software.

TWRP is available for a wide range of android devices & a unofficial build of twrp 3.7.0 Now available for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus SM-S916B which you can Install on your device by following the below Instructions.


  • Rooting May void your device warranty
  • Make a backup & Move it to Safe Place Like Pen drive or PC.
  • Make sure Your Phone at-least 50% charge to Prevent accidental shut down during the Rooting Process.

Download Files:

  1. vbmeta_R.tar
  2. Magisk canary
  3. odin tool
  4. custom kernel dm2q
  5. twrp-3.7.0-S23 plus dm2q by afaneh92@xda
  6. Samsung multi disabler_2.6.zip (use only if any loop)
  • to remove AVB from your device flash patched Vbmeta by using the odin
  • to remove encryption from your device, please use TWRP to flash the Samsung multi-disabler and then format /data again. You must use at least v2.6 of the multi-disabler.
  • to avoid stock recovery restore replace fileencryption=ice with encryptable=ice only in userdata line (maybe rest lines) in vendor/etc/fstab or just flash a patched boot.img
  • to make Magisk flashable rename Magisk-V25.2.apk to Magisk-v25.2.zip

vbmeta Failed:

  • to fix this download full firmware for your device, Extract AP and Patch it using Magisk, Write Patched AP under AP section, Now Magisk will take care of remaining

How to unlock bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus SM-S916B(Retail)?

  • Enable usb debugging and oem unlock from developers options
  • Put Phone to download Mod (Volume down + Power key)
  • connect it to computer & Press Power+ Volume up Key, confirm unlock warning
  • Setup Your Phone without any Google account and lock, done Your Phone successfully unlocked.

US: contact afaneh92@xda

How to Install twrp Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus SM-S916B:

  • download twrp from above
  • Run Odin and Click AP. Under AP Section load recovery image [Must compressed in tar format]
  • under userdata section load vbmeta.img.tar
  • Now Reboot Phone to Download Mod and connect it to PC using usb cable

  • You can See Added Msg on odin Screen, uncheck auto Reboot and Click Download.

  • done..
  • Immediate Go to twrp by Pressing volume+ & Power key and flash Multi-disabler

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus SM-S916B:

  • Reboot to recovery via recovery key combo (Vol up + power + USB connected).
    Disable encryption:
  • Go to Advanced > Terminal, type: multidisabler.​
  • If vendor complain about free space left on device, will attempt to resize vendor. and it ask to  – Run multidisabler again!.​
  • Type: multidisabler again. will see  – Finished. when done.​
  • Go back to Wipe > Format Data > type yes.​
  • Reboot to recovery.​
  • Flash custom kernel and magisk apk in twrp.
  • Reboot to system, Enjoy.

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